"FIUMASS: MS experience for All" is an outreach educational program to increase the exposure of graduate, undergraduate, and high school minority students to the practical aspects of structural mass spectrometry.


Development of MS visual experiments


FIU houses multiple student training programs including MARC U*STAR, MBRS RISE, McNair Scholars Program and Quantitative Biology in the Classroom. FIUMASS will develop research projects that will target the publication of visual experiments as a way to disseminate modern MS techniques.

Hands-on MS practices


A series of training exercises to provide walk-in access to graduate students and researchers to modern MS technology available at the AMSF. Training sessions will be offered at the beginning of each semester for FIU students and will be offered to external researchers upon request

AMSF open-house events


Every year, a one-day, open house event will be hosted to showcase the state-of-the-art MS instrumentation, provide practical demonstrations, and familiarize potential MS users with the training and services provided by the AMSF as well as student internships and fellowships. This event will provide the opportunity for students, faculty and the community to interact with MS specialists, broaden their research experience and establish research collaborations.

Seminar series


In order to increase the diversity in STEM, FIUMASS includes partners from Miami Mega-Magnet High School, Miami Dade College and Florida Memorial University to provide research seminars on MS technology and to provide panel discussions bringing FIU graduate students and faculty to the community. The aim is to engage high school and community college URM students in STEM disciplines and encourage them to apply to FIU as new or transfer students, respectively.


Undergraduate and graduate courses

(Teaching and curriculum development)


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at FIU has identified the need for new undergraduate and graduate courses utilizing modern MS analysis. We have targeted the development of new MS-based experiments that will be ultimately integrated into the FIU undergraduate curriculum. We have targeted CHM 4130L (senior level instrumental analysis lab) and CHM 5139C (upper level mass spectrometry workshop). The CHM 5139C will be offered to undergraduate and graduate students and will provide an intensive, two-day, hands-on experience of commonly used MS methods at the AMSF (e.g., GC-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, MALDI-MS and ESI-FT-ICR MS). In addition, a new course CHS 6993 (Modern methods for structural and surface interrogation) was developed is now integrated in the chemistry graduate curriculum; CHS 6993 provides an advanced description of modern analytical methods used for biological mass spectrometry, structural biology, and the separation and identification of molecular components.

TIMS-MS discussion forum


Dr Francisco Fernandez-Lima group has initiated a discussion forum (http://tims-ms.fiu.edu/) with the purpose of disseminating the use of TIMS technology. With the recent commercialization of TIMS by Bruker Daltonics Inc. in the summer of 2016, the forum will provide space for discussions and interaction of the research community utilizing TIMS technology. It will permit the posting of research papers and presentations as well as generating common analytical workflows for data acquisition, storage, processing and visualization.

Program Director


Dr. Francisco Fernandez-Lima


Florida International University  (fernandf@fiu.edu )

Program Evaluator


Suzana Mic cmsuzana@gmail.com

Support Team


Dr. Cesar Ramirez (cramirez@fiu.edu)


Dr. Mario Gomez (gomezmar@fiu.edu)

Project Coordinators


Amy Reid from Florida International University (areid@fiu.edu)


Lisa Noffo from Miami Mega-Magnet High School at Homestead (lnoffo@dadeschools.net)


Dr. James Ley from Miami Dade College at Homestead (jley@mdc.edu)


Dr. Rose Stiffin from Florida Memorial University (rstiffin@FMUNIV.EDU)


Walter Van Hamme from Florida International University (vanhamme@fiu.edu)

“I’m a high school junior at TERRA Environmental Research Institute. During my coursework I developed a passion for biochemistry and genetics. During my spare time I enjoy reading and watching documentaries. My career plan is to go to FIU and study problems related to genetics. My interest in science started when I was in my first year of high school when I met my current science teacher.”

“I graduated with an Associate in Arts from Miami Dade College. During my time there I developed a passion for research as it provides a chance to answer questions that have never been answered before. I am an incoming freshman at Boston University where I plan to double major in Biochemistry and Neuroscience. After that, I plan to either go to medical school or continue my education in biochemistry, infectious diseases or neurodegenerative disorders. My hobbies include jogging and amateur rocketry.”

















"I am a junior at FIU majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Biology. After exploring the sciences my interest peeked with Biochemistry and research furthermore increases my interest in the subject. After completing my Bachelor's I plan to further my post-secondary education. Some of my hobbies include disc golf and Esports."

"I graduated from School for Advanced Studies with an Associates of Arts degree from Miami Dade College. While at SAS, I was able to take an abundance of chemistry classes and work on research projects which fostered in me an enthusiasm for chemistry and allowed me to immerse myself in the scientific community. I’ve always been naturally curious about the world around me and majoring in chemistry will allow me to continue to explore the scientific discipline of our microscopic world. I will be attending Columbia University and plan on entering either in the medical or pharmaceutical field. I also love to play soccer and to draw."





What can we learn using MS tools?


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National Science Foundation

CAREER Award CHE-1654274

Division of Chemistry and Division of Molecular and Cellular Sciences